“I enjoyed today’s sessions very much. I’am grateful. Carolyn’s session was great — she engaged us all to participate equally. I learnt that the wolf that I feed is the wolf that will win the fight. Basil gave his most testing work out today. He taught us moves that i can continue to use after the program ends. Lorenzo was great and enthusiastic as always. I learnt that the first 5 seconds of a job interview is the most important part of the Interview. And I learnt the importance of giving the impression that I am ‘Reliable’”


“Lorenzo’s session was about creating good habits and keeping them. Transformation is a slow process giving you the chance to dispose of bad habits and replace them. If I have interest in self-improvement then habits are the way to transform, small transformations that cannot be noticed immediately but leading to a bigger more significant one. Good habits and the cost of bad ones become apparent over the years. We must be persistent and patient to see the results.”


“Lorenzo’s sessions are always informative and empowering, as they take philosophical teachings and apply them in a practical way. The “Enhancing Performance and Growing Resilience and Mental Toughness” workshop pushed me to reflect on my habits but also give to a path to begin action planning.”


“A lot of the positive psychology sessions were delivered by Lorenzo Hall. I love that Lorenzo is so honest and authentic, even about his own personal experiences, this makes it very easy to engage so that valuable information can be absorbed and retained.

He has this way of drawing the conclusions out of you rather than teaching at you. It’s much more engaging – It’s like he’s unlocking stuff rather than putting stuff in – it’s like the difference between tuition and intuition the latter being far more effective in terms of growth. He makes it all very light and easy and enjoyable – it doesn’t feel like boring learning at all!”

The whole experience was life changing, nothing I had seen or attended before, all the advice is to remember and use in everyday life, and it helped me realize that I am the change, the change is in me and I can do it. This was a great experience and I can’t believe how lucky I was to be there and to learn so many things. This is a life changing experience, and everyone should do it.



“Basil talked about how important the body is done a lot of stretching. Controlling our mind. working every part of our body. Exercise is so good. It has taken time for me to get back into fitness. So now beginning coaching with Basil. It has given me the confidence to get up early in the morning and do my exercise and I feel so blessed and grateful. Within me. Keep my mind open. and taken care of my body.”


“Basil’s session today was great. The breathing exercises and neck mobility is especially helpful for me. Since my Heart Bypass operation last year I feel more restricted in my chest and neck area – so this will help me a lot.”


“Basil gave his most testing work out today. He taught us moves that I can continue to use after this program ends.”

So now beginning coaching with Basil. It has given me the confidence to get up early in the morning and do my exercise and I feel so blessed and grateful



“Yet again finding the sessions really interesting and inspiring, enjoying listening and learning new things, learning what to do and not what to do in job interviews and how to improve myself, taking on board using positive language and body language and having a good understanding of company applying to and shown how to engage with them showing the correct level of interest.”


“It was another exciting time again today as usual.Learnt a lot and i will be applying this to my daily life experiences. Lorenzo always gives you reason to come alive.Thanks a lot to all the team.Thanks a lot too Graciela for always staying all through. You are amazing.”


“Today’s topic and session was fantastic.Lot of things we take for granted not minding how our colleagues at work might feel was addressed.Positive thinking,working together and achieving the set goals for any establishment is important,while making yourself and others happy too.”


“I would like to thank Lorenzo for his session today.At first I wasn’t going to join the session but felt it would be useful which it was.As,always it was very well presented and I can use a lot of tips from today for when I go for interviews .Once again please Thank Lorenzo for his session.”

Today session was very useful as sometimes I don’t know how to act at interviews. It was good to know that it’s our responsibility to show positivity and change the interview atmosphere.



“Rita is a walking encyclopedia of knowledge. I learnt about insoluble fibre and Soluble fibre. I learnt that eating nuts with fruit will help maintain a longer energy release. I learnt that full fat greek yogurt is better then 0 fat greek yogurt. I will definitely change my breakfast habits, thank Rita.”


“The session with Rita was about healthy eating habits, was very interesting to know how I can change my diet habits to healthier ones. My action plan from this session is to change from meat to fish more often, also make sure I have my daily intake of insoluble fiber.”


“Nutrition session was incredibly informative and interesting”

I will definitely change my breakfast habits, thank Rita.

Money Skills


“Great listen to the Money Matters Session with Fanny. I’m a great believer in changing your mindset to change your life. In 2016 I decided to change my relationship with money, confronting and reducing my debts, reducing outgoings, liabilities, etc and increasing my children’s monthly trust fund payments. I no longer feel anxious about money, and I understand how to make the future better for my family.I will continue to listen and hear my thoughts everyday so that whatever situation I find myself in, I am able to respond with positive emotions, and positive actions to achieve the result that is best for me. Great sessions, and Thank you for finding a way to make it available to people.”


“One of the most profound things discussed today, was during the “Getting Friendly with Your Finances” session with Fanny. The idea of our “Money Story”; the subconscious relationship we have with money, where those views might have originated and how we can rewire those beliefs. This would definitely fall into the ‘Reflections and Conceptualisation” section of the above model.Even though all the sessions have been completely different from each other, they have all been extremely useful. I wrote down a lot of notes and I’m working my way through them to put the teaching into action.”


“Today with Fanny was about making savings where possible budgeting and using apps to help. I do budget but could make some savings especially in the Energy sector which is something I have promised to look into. So my action planning for this is to sort details and look into switching provider.”

All i could say about this session is “oh god i wish i knew about this years ago” The best bit is Lorenzo delivers it in a way that isn’t boring.

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