Transform & Achieve is a holistic form of intervention tackling mind, body and skills.
People who take part in the T&A Online programme become consciously competent in the skills and qualities needed to improve mental & physical health, social competence, social influence, successfully secure work, get promoted or start-up and operate a business.

Our classes are comprised of interactive & stimulating online workshops

Modules will include Peak Performance psychology sessions to
support with:

  • Personal influence and influencing others

  • Mindset/Resilience¬†and Mental health

  • Self Presentation/Self-Awareness

  • Reinventing themselves to create a positive future
  • Successfully selling yourself into employment

  • Nutrition/Physical Health and Vitality

  • Resetting Focus for habit change
  • Personal Development including identifying blind spots
  • Financial Health and Money Management

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My self-resilience has improved. I am learning to challenge irrational thoughts and have new beliefs that are my affirmations daily.

Programme Composition


1 Hour


5 Courses

Topics covered this month

  • Using Positive Language in Interviews
  • Money Mindset
  • Unleashing your Potential
  • Achieving personal goals and growing your influence
  • Nutrition & Healthy Eating
  • Self-Care to Self-Mastery
  • A job, better job, career
  • Increasing your concentration and decreasing stress
  • Science of Habit Change
  • Anxiety Hacks
  • Skills for Successful Relationships
  • Emotional intelligence to improve self-presentation

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