Our programme is designed to support the goals of organisations working in the public services space such as Housing associations, local Authorities, DWP or corporate organizations investing in communities.

These organisations will have a mission to improve the lives of people in the community and to have a sustainable impact on their health, wealth and wellbeing.

The key focus for these organisations tends to be enabling people to secure employment and to improve the quality of their lives. Our corporate packages are tailored according to needs of the sponsor, however please see our current design options shown below as examples of commissions we are requested to deliver.


Our Mission

To discover, unlock and enhance the potential of our learners and put them firmly on the pathway to achieving personal goals. 

Programme Aim

To equip participants with the knowledge and skills to increase personal performance and personal influence to achieve sustainable employment. 

T&A Design Options

Our experience is delivering a programme that has been tailored according to the intended audience. We have over 8 years experience running programmes in the following categories:

  • T&A young persons programme – specifically targeting 16 to 24 year olds and NEETS

  • T&A young persons leaving care

  • T&A adult programme – all ages above 18

  • T&A wellbeing programme – people with complex needs and mental health challenges

  • T&A hardest to reach and ex-offenders

  • T&A enterprise and entrepreneurs – starting your own business

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What Can Transform and Achieve do for the participant?

People who take part in T&A programme, whether face to face or online, become consciously competent in the skills and qualities needed to improve mental and psychical health, social competence, successfully secure work or start up and operate a business


Typically 50% of delegates secure employment, 17% find work placements and 9% enrol in training.

In 2020, we completed our JP Morgan contract of 25 programmes in East London.

We achieved a total of 470 individuals attending and 237 into work, which is 50.5%.

We were aiming for 50% into work by September 2020, and we are very happy to report that we reached the target 6 months early.

We earn our 85-90% retention rate by ensuring that every course is inspirational, relevant and inclusive for all participants.

We also offer follow on support to ensure all delegates get the most from the Transform & Achieve programme.

Recent Partnerships

We work in collaboration with various housing providers & the local authority to deliver the transform & Achieve programme nationwide.

These include:


Recent Sponsorships

Transform & Achieve was funded by J.P. Morgan in March 2018 to deliver 25 T&A programmes to East London residents in partnership with Metropolitan Thames Valley Housing.

We were also funded for a second time by J.P. Morgan to deliver online Transform & Achieve programmes in partnership with One Housing – this contract runs from January 21-March 22 delivering 12 online programmes.

Below is a summary of the data findings from the 2018 – 2020 University of East London evaluation.

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How the Transform & Achieve Programme is Designed


The Transform and Achieve programme is designed to support and empower participants to make changes in their lives by equipping them with strategies to shift mindset and negative habitual patterns and enhance their ability to shine in a competitive jobs market.

The programme consists of classroom training designed to take a holistic approach to help those further away from the job market to secure work and increased health, wealth and mental wellbeing.


The goal has been to reach 460 people over the course of two years and to support at least 50% of learners into employment within 3–6 months of completing the programme. The programme model encourages a higher level of self-development for participants attending, which in turn contributes towards sustainable personal improvement and getting enough individuals into lasting employment. The background to the programme design is the recognition that when someone is out of work, it can be for a myriad of reasons, some of which are complex.


Therefore, any development initiative for enabling people to effectively move forward in terms of skills and increased feelings of capability within this context needs to be pragmatic in content and transformative in its methodology. As a result, this programme adopts a novel strengths-based approach to support learners to overcome their fears. The collective action behind the programme design has been highly effective in addressing the various social and health determinants forming a barrier to the participants’ engagement with employment and training initiatives and agencies.

The cognitive participation of learners has been highly effective, evidenced by the programme exceeding its targets, with 76% of learners either securing work (51%), into volunteering (10%) or training (15%). The reflexive monitoring of learners and delivery team offers rich examples of how the programme is structured and delivered differently from other employment training programmes.

Additional University of East London Evaluation Extract

  • The emerging findings also suggest how the coherencein the delivery of the programme has improved how participants understand the importance of nutrition and fitness in becoming work ready, as well as their wider impacton health and well being.
  • The programme has been successfully designed and delivered to support residents living in social housing experiencing a variety of life circumstances holding them back from securing work.
  • The programme has also been found to be suitable for people living in the private rented sector and home owners experiencing employability challenges.
  • The programme has innovatively tried and tested a behavioural science and human capacity building model that takes a holistic approach to addressing unemployment issues.
  • The programme has worked effectively with the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) to accelerate accesson to the programme.
  • The programme has strongly influenced how learners have broken down internal and external barriers preventing their reentry into employment.
  • The skills, tone and personalities of the delivery team have consistently been highlighted as strengths for the success of the programme.
  • The programme design has been highly effective in addressing the various social determinants of health forming a barrier to the participants’ engagement with employment and training initiatives and agencies.
  • The learners commonly summed up their highly rated training experience around three pillars: people, sessions and support.
  • The programme has used a person centred learning plan, to help track learners’ progression on the programme.
  • The programme has shown itself to be agile in the era of COVID-19, and has innovatively offered virtual sessions, which has widened access for learners who would otherwise be prevented from participating.
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