The T&A Method

What is The T&A Method?

“We are all creatures of habit and often unconsciously disempower ourselves from
reaching our goals. At T&A our aim is to help people discover hidden talents and realise the power they hold within. We love the effect we have when our
learners feel that they have a sense of renewed control over their destinies.

When they go through the T&A programme they come out walking much taller than how they walked in. Whether they simply want to sell themselves better and get over nervousness in interviews, move out of feelings of powerlessness to change their futures or want to feel unstuck and mentally strong again, our T&A method works on the whole body and achieves transformation at a mental and physical level.

T&A to me is a personal development programme that develops the whole person. It’s practical, inspirational and educational. It’s a holistic programme that equips people with a sense of empowerment and the tools to move them forward.

Elite performers are not born but made
(Graham Jones)”

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“Transform and Achieve are strong in motivating and educating individuals in what they need to know. They bring the light back into the tunnel and they show us that there is hope.”


“The “Enhancing Performance and Growing Resilience and Mental Toughness” workshop pushed me to reflect on my habits but also give to a path to begin action planning. Personally, the affirmation “homework” was really useful because it’s something that I’ve been meaning to do for a while but I never knew how to structure it in an efficient way.”


“Today session was very useful as sometimes I don’t know how to act at interviews. It was good to know that it’s our responsibility to show positivity and change the interview atmosphere.”

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